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UPS for IT Companies

If you’re running an IT company and installing servers or other computer equipment into clients’ offices and buildings, talk to us about your uninterruptible power supply needs today on 1300 795 160. Making sure your customers have the best protection is our first priority when it comes to protecting computer equipment and electrical goods from power surges and lightning strikes. When the power fails you can be sure that Qld Power Protection’s uninterrupted power supplies will continue working.


UPS for high rise buildings

High rise buildings contain many elements running from power sources that could be detrimental if they fail. From core building processes and services like elevators, security systems and air-conditioning through to computer systems, phone lines and electrical equipment of its occupants.

Making sure there is a building-wide uninterruptible power supply is essential to making sure all business critical electrical components run smoothly when there is a power outage.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies for Data-centres and Server-farms

Running a successful data-centre means ensuring your clients have reliable and steady up-time not only for the websites and emails running through your servers but more so these days hosted applications and business software that can be a core component to your client’s business.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies for mining companies

In the metals and mining industry nothing will function without a proper power supply. Power distribution is a critical factor in the mining process and Qld Power Protection can assist with the planning phase and implementation of uninterruptible power systems.


UPS for home use

If you’re running a home office or business from your residence, then having an uninterruptible power supply can be crucial to your business’ success. Having a UPS in your home can be the difference between continuing work when other power sources are down and closing your business until the issue is fixed. Did you want to take that chance?

Below is some technical information about our systems.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are simply power conditioners with built-in batteries to keep your equipment running when the mains power fails. There are three types of UPS, stand-by, line interactive and double conversion on-line.


Stand-by UPS

This is the most basic type of UPS design, it relies solely on its battery to counter fluctuations in power and may or may not also provide a measure of surge protection. In general Queensland Power Protection does not recommend the use of stand-by uninterruptible power supplies in commercial, industrial and rural applications.



Line interactive UPS

A line interactive UPS is similar to the earlier stand-by design with one important difference. Where a stand-by UPS depends on its battery to counter voltage fluctuations a line interactive UPS has special circuitry to take care of this. Commonly called automatic voltage regulation or AVR this circuitry will drop or boost the incoming voltage to keep it within the safe operating range for your electronic equipment. Chronic high or low voltage is a common problem which this type of UPS will totally eleiminate.

Line interactive UPS’s are the most common type of UPS sold today, with models ranging from the inexpensive Powershield Office and APC PowerUPS RS to the excellent Powershield Commander with its sinewave output and industry leading 5% voltage regulation, Queensland Power Protection have a line interactive UPS to suit your needs.



On-line UPS

A true double conversion on-line UPS is the ultimate in power protection. In this type of UPS the AC mains power is first converted to DC to both charge a battery bank and to power an inverter. The inverter then converts this DC electricity back into clean, constant 240 Volt AC power. Because of this “double conversion” the power output from this type of UPS bears little resemblance to the poor power being fed to the UPS from the mains supply.

Harmonics, high frequency noise, frequency drift and switching transients are all power problems which can seriously damage your sensitive electronic equipment. Only a true, double conversion UPS such as the Powershield Centurion can eliminate these common occurrences.
Because the circuitry in an on-line UPS is called upon to operate continuously and reliably for many years this type of UPS costs more than any other, however the expense can be justified in the following situations:-

  • Wherever equipment is considered to be “mission critical”
  • Where a generator is in use (an on-line UPS is the only type of UPS you can use with a generator)
  • To protect a fileserver supporting more than 10 users
  • Industrial or mining situations
  • Computer rooms with multiple fileservers
  • Hospitals
  • Anywhere where other types of UPS have been tried and equipment problems persist



Recent advances in technology have allowed Powershield to set new levels of excellence and affordability for on-line UPS technology. Check out the Powershield Centurion, you will be pleasantly surprised how affordable the ultimate in power protection can be.

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