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Site Audit and Assessment Services

Poorly designed power protection systems can have a major impact on the day-to-day operation and overall longevity of critical business hardware, and business performance.

Ensuring your UPS system is functioning correctly, surge protection devices are intact, the lightning protection system is electrically continuous and offers low resistivity, will reduce the risk of business downtime, damage to valuable equipment, financial loss and adverse reputational impacts.

Purchasing a site audit and assessment service can reassure you that your power protections systems designed for optimal performance, are in fact delivering it. To book an onsite testing service please contact us or alternatively call 1300 795 160 or emailĀ sales@qldpp.com.au

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Other Services

Maintenance Services

Maintenance to suit your specific requirements.

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Installation Services

The maximum quality power protection installation services

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Start-up Commissioning Services

Peace of mind knowing that a qualified professional has checked your systems functionality

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Site Audit and Assessment Services

Reassure yourself that your power protections systems are designed and reaching optimal performance

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