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For many years QPP has been providing value added advisory services for our clients based on fit for purpose power protection system design & configuration.

Our Services
  • UPS Load / Autonomy Sizing & Product Type Advisory Services
  • UPS Installation, Repair, and Maintenance
  • UPS Battery Replacement
  • Surge Protection Sizing and Product Type Advisory Services
  • Surge Protection Installation, Repair, and Maintenance
  • Power Quality Audits & Power Protection System Configuration Design
  • Lightning Protection Systems Design & Installation Services
  • Lightning Protection Maintenance Testing & Certification
  • Earthing System Design & Installation Services
  • Earthing System Audit, Testing & Certification
To put it simply
  • We ask the right questions to understand the requirements
  • We confirm that our understanding is correct and consistent
  • We offer a solution that meets a confirmed requirement

Establishing and nurturing mutually beneficial long term client relationships is what QPP is about

The QPP brand has been built on this very basic principle, and as such, our aim is simple; to become a trusted partner and advisor in our areas of expertise to Australian organisations large and small. Providing excellent pre-sales and after-sales service is critical to the QPP delivery model. We expect and receive this from our partners and suppliers, and as a consequence, we can deliver on the same

Our after-sales services offering extends to the provision of break-fix and preventative maintenance services

Lightning protection systems and earthing networks, uninterruptible power supplies, back-up generators and surge protection systems are all put in place as a means to mitigate risk.

Risks you can mitigate

  • Loss or damage to expensive and important personal and / or business equipment
  • Inability to do business. Financial loss and / or reputational damage
  • Personal injury or loss of life

Your power protection products and systems will have been tested, commissioned and certified on supply and/or installation, but are you sure they are functional now? Will they work when you need them to?

Other Services

Installation Services

The maximum quality power protection installation services

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Start-up Commissioning Services

Peace of mind knowing that a qualified professional has checked your systems functionality

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Maintenance Services

Maintenance to suit your specific requirements.

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Site Audit and Assessment Services

Reassure yourself that your power protections systems are designed and reaching optimal performance

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Consulting Services

  • UPS System 'Fit for Purpose' Design
  • Surge Protection Review and Recommendation
  • Lightning Protections System Design (Conventional AS1768 and Early Stream Emission) Testing and Assessment
  • Earthing System Design, Testing & Assessment
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