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Lightning Protection System Certification / Re-Certification

Are you at risk?

As managers and owners of structures designed to house or accommodate people, and/or things of a sensitive nature (technology, critical infrastructure etc), a ‘duty of care’ for the safety and wellbeing of the building’s, structure, tenants and contents is paramount. Similarly, sudden damage or destruction of the devices and systems that enable the maintenance of this ‘duty of care’ can deliver a sharp and devastating blow to business continuity, customer satisfaction, and business reputation.

Do you know if your system is certifiable under the Australian Standard for Lightning Protection (AS1768)?

Does your building/structure have a lightning protection system on it? How do you know?

Lightning damage on building

If you do have a system in place, can you be sure it meets the requirements of the Australian Standard?

Are your risks Managed?

If your system is not up to standard, and you sustain some damage, or worse, a tenant/guest is injured or killed, can you still demonstrate a duty of care, as is your obligation under Health and Safety Legislation?

QPP have the Lightning Protection expertise you may need. We have designed installed, and certified systems large and small all over Queensland and NSW.

It is recommended under the Australian Standard for Lightning Protection (AS1768) that inspections and testing is performed on a regular basis to ensure the system remains functional and effective. 

It’s not uncommon for us to find during inspections that system integrity has been compromised by other trades cutting or removing conductors (they don’t know what they are and what they are there for), build-up of corrosion or lose - broken connections impacting continuity and integrity, new structures being installed that may alter the effectiveness of the existing system …. etc, we have found this to be the case on many types of structures, large and small, old and new.

It’s purely a maintenance / risk management decision for which there will be no implications unless the risk of a direct strike is realised: for example; an insurance claim for damage, injury, or death following a lightning strike on a building with a system that is impaired and not maintained may present a problem. In the case of a serious injury or death, if a duty of care can not be demonstrated, there will likely be serious legal implications for owners and managers.

Lightning strikes buildings

System Certification / Re-Certification consists of the following:

  • Examine and test aerial termination (where possible)
  • Examine down conductor/s (where possible)
  • Examine and test Earth system (where possible)
  • Inspect system event counter (where installed) and log results
  • Make recommendations regarding state of repair of the system
  • Inspect any surge protection installed
  • Complete any minor repairs or adjustments to the system
  • Make recommendations regarding state of repair of the system. Issue test reports
  • Certify/Re-certify the LP System

Upon a successful completion, you will receive a  Certificate stating that your building’s lightning protection system complies with AS/NZS 1768:2007, for Early Stream Emission (ESE) Systems, a Certificate stating that your system meets the design intent of the manufacturer and that earth test conform to the requirements of AS1768.

Additional Offerings

  • document your system by preparing an ‘AS Built’ drawing; or should one already exist, update it with alterations/additions made to attain AS1768 certification.
  • perform and document continuity testing of all down conductors, and rooftop penetrations.

Should you wish to enquire about Certifying your system, or just want to have a chat about the Lightning Protection System on your building, click below.

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