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It is not only computer equipment that can be damaged by power disturbances and extreme weather conditions, home theatre systems, telephone & security equipment and industrial control systems are all vulnerable. Queensland Power Protection offers tailor-made protection solutions for each of these systems. Queensland Power Protection is a leading supplier of secure power products. With over 20 years experience we offer professional advice, first class products and consultation services which include power quality testing and secure power planning. So, no matter if you need inexpensive protection for your home computer or if you require a comprehensive secure power system including auto-start generator, whole of enterprise surge protection and uninterruptible power supplies, you can depend on Queensland Power Protection to provide timely solutions tailored to suit your precise needs. Below are some of the products we supply:-

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Using an uninterruptible power supply  in Australia makes sense. We’re one of the most storm prone countries on the planet and have extremes in weather patterns and storm cycles. If you’re looking for an uninterruptible power supply price please call us on 1300 795 160 to find out how we can assist your business in creating a safe and dependable environment for your electrical goods.
Uninterrupted power supplies are our our specialty, so call us today on 1300 795 160.

Plug in Surge Protectors

QLD Power Protection can supply a range of different surge protection options ranging from home surge protection  to whole-house surge protection  . Many people realise that electrical equipment is prone to spikes in power supply leading to outages and damage. What most people don’t realise is that your electrical equipment is being damaged slowly and relentlessly by electricity and an electronic device with a good quality power filter will typically outlast one without by a factor of two to one.

Hard Wired Surge Protectors

If you’re looking for a commercial / industrial surge protection system  or building surge protection  for lightning and electricity spikes, then looking into our hard-wired surge protectors is an option. Causes of power surges are many and varied, ranging from lightning strikes to cars crashing into power poles and on a smaller scale the use of high powered devices like elevators and air-conditioning units.

There are many reasons people look into surge protectors, for example:- surge protectors for TVs surge protectors for computers surge protectors for appliances surge protectors for refrigerators surge protectors for RV surge protectors for home surge protectors for laptops surge protectors for house surge protectors for electrical panels


Inverters are a great option if you wish to use power for a range of different units that need electricity from various sources like a car plug or solar or wind powered generator.

We have two types of inverters available at QLD Power Protection. A 200W and 4000W model which will cover the expanse of most people’s requirements.
People use inverters for a range of different reasons, for example:- inverters for solar panels inverters for cars inverters for laptops inverters for caravans inverters for boats inverters for solar system inverters for RVs inverters for home inverters for solar power.


Direct Strike Lightning Protection & Earthing Systems

Queensland Power Protection is proud to be the Queensland State Distributor for Lightning Protection International (LPI) a global leader in Direct Strike Lightning Protection & Earthing Engineering.

Through LPI we provide custom Lightning Protection solutions utilising either Metal Tape Strapping or Early Streamer Emission methodology together with the supply and/or installation of Earthing products to achieve low impedance earthing systems.



Our backup power generators are made to exacting standards, where backup of last resort is concerned, we believe there is no room for compromise. If you have mission critical equipment which must be kept running, then you need a quality generator/UPS solution from Queensland Power Protection

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