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  • Are you at risk?
    Lightning strikes account for over a
    third of business critical technology
    and equipment failure in Australia
    Get protected today!

Our Products

QPP offers a wide range of power protection products to meet the requirements of large and small scale projects. Australian brands of UPS, Surge, Direct Strike Lightning Protection, and Earthing Products. Have a look here.

Our Services

QPP provides power protection services aligned to our products offering. Power Quality Audits; UPS Repair, Installation and Maintenance; Lightning Protection Installation, Testing & Certification; Earthing Design and Testing.

Our Projects

Have a look at a selection of some our past projects.  Lightning Protection Systems and Earthing for Apartment Blocks, Hospitals, University Buildings, Warehouses etc

About Queensland Power Protection   |   Protecting your equipment from lightning strikes

Lightning strikes account for over a third of computer failures in Australia.

With this startling number in mind it makes sense to protect yourself from lightning strikes using state of the art lightning, and earthing systems, uninterruptible power supplies and surge protection devices.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies from PowerShield will keep your equipment running even when the power fails completely. Surge filters from Powerguard and PowerShield offer simple but effective plug-in surge protection and Lightning Protection International (LPI) provides World Class direct strike lightning and earthing equipment together with hard-wired surge diverters and filters capable of protecting everything from a domestic dwelling to entire Industrial Complexes.

  • Over 20 years experience in Power Protection.
  • A specialist Distributor and Advisor in the field of Secure Power.
  • Unsurpassed experience in earthing and lightning protection.
  • Competitive pricing and friendly, reliable service.
  • A great range of products from reputable brands - covering everything from UPS' to Power filters, inverters to generators, and surge protectors from household protection to industrial protection.
  • State of the art generators.
Products at a glance   |   Protecting your equipment from lightning strikes and power disturbances
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